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cowboy ribeye owner jeff zornesWHY WE ARE HERE: Cowboy Ribeye Ranch is the purveyor of the bone-in ribeye, “the finest steak in the land”. Founded in 2010 by Jeff Zornes, the company markets steaks selected from the highest quality Midwestern beef. The steaks are aged to perfection, hand cut, and shipped directly to you.

Jeff is not a real cowboy, but he is a real steak guy. While sharing steak stories with people from around the country two themes continued to come up. First, was just how underwhelmed people were with most steak gift company products. Second, but most importantly, was how everyone loved the bone in ribeye. Not only was the bone-in-ribeye the favorite, but everyone had a story, an indelible memory about who they were with and where they were when they first experienced the Cowboy Ribeye. The idea for the company was born. Provide a gift and incentive product for businesses and individuals that allow people to recreate or start the memory of the Cowboy Ribeye. Cowboy Ribeyes are the perfect way to say thank you or I love you. After five years of selling only a 20 oz Bone-in-Ribeye we listened to our customers and are now pleased to offer 4 new steaks. Strip Steaks, Boneless Ribeyes, Filet of Sirloin, and a Flat Iron Steaks. All of our steaks are cut from 42 day aged Angus Beef.

Give the gift of the “ranch” with Cowboy Ribeye Ranch products to your friends as well as your clients, employees, associates, family members, and significant others. Love aged restaurant quality steaks? Save the trip to the store and stock up your freezer.


Building friendships and creating memories one great steak at a time.


Cowboy Ribeyes are not available at your local grocery or butcher. These steaks are harvested and processed like a fine wine or cheese. This Black Canyon Ranch Premium Black Angus beef is the top 12% of the top 12% of beef available in the US. These steaks are shipped to us and then wet aged 42 days to perfection. When the steaks are perfectly aged we hand cut and individually vacuum pack each steak. At this point our steaks become Cowboy Ribeyes “the finest steak in the land”.


Artisian food items will be offered throughout the year. So, visit this website often to check ’em out!



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